4/8: National Day of Action

Amplify the message of 30 Million Solar Homes and get more people involved in the campaign! On Thursday, April 8, we’ll join together to share why #30MillionSolarHomes matters to us — on our social media and via email, texts, and phone calls. Volunteers like you are our most powerful messengers!

Find out how to join us on the National Day of Action!

Past Events

2/17: 30 Million Solar Homes National Launch

Join Anya Schoolman, John Farrell, and Subin DeVar for a discussion of the 30 million solar homes policy package and learn how you can get involved! Watch the Recording.

2/22: Lobbying Training

Join us at 7pm ET/4pm PT on Monday February 22nd to learn how you can lobby from your couch to support 30 million solar homes and other solar policy at national and state levels. We welcome folks who are new to lobbying and those who have lobbying experience. We’ll have a breakout on 30 million solar homes along with state solar campaigns. Register here.

3/25: Letter to the Editor Training

Join us at 7pm ET/4pm PT on Thursday March 25th to learn how to write a great letter to the editor (LTE) supporting solar, 30 million solar homes, and more. We welcome those who are new to LTEs and those who want to sharpen their skills. Register here.