The U.S. needs 30 million new solar homes

We face three urgent problems:

climate change

economic downturn

social injustice

Adding solar to 30 million homes can help solve all three. Doing so creates new opportunities for rural communities, low- and middle-income Americans, and communities of color.

Creating 30 million new solar homes will give people the power to save money, create jobs, fight climate change, and address energy injustice.

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A plan to provide solar to 1 in 4 U.S. homes

Creating 30 million new solar homes will benefit the people who need it most:

  • Rural communities
  • Urban communities
  • Communities of color

These communities are the hardest hit by environmental injustice and have the most to gain from clean energy.

30 million solar homes will:

  • Create millions of good-paying jobs.
  • Cut air and carbon pollution by 1.5 percent of total annual U.S. emissions, the equivalent of removing 21 million cars off the road.
  • Bring wealth to low- and middle-income communities and communities of color.
  • Help families with the highest energy burdens.
  • Improve health for millions of Americans.
  • Increase energy independence.

The Biden Administration and Congress can meet this goal

Policy action is urgently needed and highly doable. It can be done using existing tools such as tax policy to direct stimulus.

The Biden Administration and Congress should:

  • Convert the current solar tax credit to a cash grant.
  • Expand “Pay As You Save” on-bill solar and energy efficiency financing.
  • Provide loan guarantees, block-grants to states, and subsidized financing for solar.
  • Coordinate with energy efficiency programs to further reduce and stabilize energy bills.
  • Support community solar projects for people who rent, or whose homes are unsuitable for rooftop solar.

Sign the petition to Congress to show your support for 30 Million Solar Homes

I urge you to support the 30 Million Solar Homes Plan. The plan is a bold vision of powering the equivalent of 30 million homes by rooftop and community solar in five years. That is equal to providing solar access to 1 in 4 American households. 

The plan would create at least three million good-paying, local jobs across the country. It would lower energy bills by at least $20 billion a year. It would offset polluting fossil energy resources and increase our energy-independence and security. And, it addresses climate change by providing 5 percent of U.S. electricity needs and reducing total annual U.S. emissions by 1.5 percent. 

30 Million Solar Homes’ policies focus on expanding solar access and ownership to low- and middle-income communities and communities of color. This will help families with the highest energy burdens. It will put more money into the pockets of families during tough economic times.

Congress should seize on the opportunities provided by solar rooftops and community solar. Make the 30 Million Solar Homes Plan a key element of economic recovery, infrastructure, and climate bills this year.