National Day of Action—Thursday, April 8

Volunteers like you are our most powerful messengers! Help us amplify the message of 30 Million Solar Homes on this National Day of Action for the campaign.

Join us April 8th to share why #30MillionSolarHomes matters to you. Spread the word on social media and via email, texts, and even phone calls.

There are two easy ways to participate:

Join and share from SUN’s OutreachCircle

This free online tool makes it easy for you to share with your networks about the campaign. After a super-fast login, you can pull in contacts from your cell phone, email account, and more. Share only what you want, with only the people you select.

Use our Toolkit on Google Drive

We’ve got ready-made images and sample text you can snag from a public Google Drive Folder. Simply download or copy what you need and spread the word about the campaign on your social media accounts, or via texts or emails you create with your own accounts.